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Well being

Anybody regardless of age, gender, or ability can take part in an activity. Here at Gul we believe that being outdoors is good for a person in what ever form that takes.

Holiday Fun

Outside term time the provision at Gul changes and the charity runs several holiday activities ranging in cost from £15-£40 for a full day's activity. They include, Own a Pony days, Stable Club sessions and pony camps to bush craft, navigation and more. To see what is coming up take a look at the calendar.


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From its after school Stable Club for children and Blue Arrows advanced riding group for more advanced riders to individual and group lessons for all ages, Gul has got your riding needs covered.

 Interested? Get in touch.








Health and Fitness

Gul runs several fitness activities, from Mindfulness courses at its Riverside and Welsh sites to Pilates and Boot Camps at The Bustard. there is something for everyone, to view and book onto our courses take a look at our calendar or Get in touch.








Work Experience

Working with partners such as Pluss and Building Bridges Gul offers adults and young people the chance to take part in our daily work, gain experience, confidence and make the first steps towards employment. If you wish to discuss further get in touch..



Since 2003 Gul has been at the centre of a community of people working towards the same aims. Community makes individuals stronger and the charity seeks to pass these values on to all that visit.








The Bustard

No where are is the community at Gul more obvious than at the charity's residential centre. The Bustard provides accommodation for those in transitional periods in their lives. The people who live there are encouraged to live as a part of the community, taking part in cooking, cleaning gardening and other activities.






Helping each other

Gul is lucky to have an incredible group of volunteers who support our sites across the country. They help with all sorts of activities from administration and baking, to pony care and pasture management. If you are interested in helping out too, get in touch.


Begun in 2017 at The Bustard and expanded to the charity's Riverside and Welsh sites Gul has added  gardening to its provision. With input from staff and beneficiaries these gardens will grow to produce food for sale in the community. Growing food teaches us about the natural world and food chains as well as giving immense satisfaction as we eat the delicious produce.



Defined as the use of adaptive work and play activities to increase independent function. All therapy activities take place under the supervision of professionals.






Alternative Education

Working with over 20 schools, colleges, universities and other providers to deliver individual packages of education for young people and adults. To begin this will involve a visit to Gul and a chat with one of its therapists. Gul then programmes activities, liaises to discuss funding and set goals to work towards. Sessions at Gul take place one to one or in small groups.






Equine Assisted

Using horses and associated tasks to  improve mental and physical well being Gul has 16 incredible ponies it uses for its therapy, you can meet them here. Interested in finding out more? Get in touch.

Lower Back Pain

Run from its Riverside site by trained physiotherapists. Lower back pain therapy uses the natural movements of bareback riding to treat chronic back pain. If you wish to discuss further get in touch.


What does Gul do?

Gul exists to improve the well being of as many individuals as possible, through activities in the outdoors. By giving people access to safe, non-judgmental outdoor space and the support of trained staff, individuals have the opportunity they need to flourish. Below is a selection of the activities that take place across the sites at Gul. For more information, get In touch or take a look at the calendar.

CIO: 1159337 HQ: The Bustard, Shrewton, SP3 4DU
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Gul Office: 01980 621 712
Gul Mobile: 07970 377 730
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CIO: 1159337 HQ: The Bustard, Shrewton, SP3 4DU
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CIO: 1159337 HQ: The Bustard, Shrewton, SP3 4DU
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