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The workforce behind Gul are at its very heart, the desire to make the lives of disadvantaged individuals better and to work and live in the great outdoors unites all members of the Gul Team.

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Dr Celia Grummitt, MBBS DFSRH DCH GPwSI SacDipCBT. CEO. Dr Celia was one of the original founders of Gul, and her drive and commitment to improving the lives of disadvantaged individuals continues to inspire those at Gul. Dr Celia is Gul’s lead clinician and oversees all aspects of the charity’s running, particularly its mental health aspects. In her spare time Dr Celia is a practicing GP and member of Wiltshire CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) and, in her other life, she can be found on the back of her pony somewhere on Salisbury Plain.

Hannah Grummitt, BSc Open UKCC Level 2. Equine Team lead, Therapist and Riding Coach. Hannah and her trusty side-kick Mim are in charge of running the yard. She has a PDD in social and therapeutic horticulture and, as a result, Hannah keeps the ponies, staff and beneficiaries healthy and happy. Hannah is never happier than when she is in her greenhouse and, as a result, her Garden looks incredible, while the Bustard team get a steady supply of flowers and veg.

James Dwyer, BSc. Marketing and Fundraising. James works to make the wider world aware of the incredible work that Gul does. Outside of work he is crazy about keeping tropical fish, ask him about it sometime... but only if you have lots of free time! 

Sammi Kirton. Riverside Yard Manager. Sammi manages the team at Riverside with yard duties, rides and therapy. She is great fun to be around and all of our youngsters love her fun attitude to life. Sammi is a qualified Assistant Ride Leader.

James Whimpenny. Therapist. James is one of Gul’s therapists, he works with all beneficiaries at the site and is a highly competent and motivated person. In his free time he enjoys any sport you can throw at him but especially fencing and golf.

Stuart Kirton. Equine and Health Team Member. Stuart helps with all aspects at the yard including grooming and leading ponies and taking out rides, he is also an NHS CHAT worker and therefore a great listener and essential member of the Gul team.

Sue Easton. Equine Team Member and Senior Volunteer Coordinator. Sue is the ‘go-to’ person at Gul, she has one of everything or knows someone who does! Sue is an active volunteer and has been a part of Gul from the very beginning.

Naomi Freeman. Therapy Assistant and Equine Team Member. Naomi is a therapist at Gul and part of the Bustard and Yard Teams. She is a real caring soul, taking the work she does seriously. She also makes the best cakes in Wiltshire (and probably the world!) 

David Philpotts. Equine Team Member. Gul’s very own walking encyclopaedia, David is a pub quiz master and resident joke machine, he is also a very experienced groom and is party to all the goings on at the yard.

Michael Andrews. Admin Team Member. Michael assists at the office in everything from administrative tasks to HR, he is also a very experienced musician and has a strong Christian faith.

Rebekah Freeman. Equine Team Member. Rebekah works mainly in the Bustard office as a bookkeeper but also volunteers as a yard assistant on Saturdays, she is a key member of the Bustard house team and loves spending time with her pony Joseph.

Tegan O'Neil. Yard Assistant. Tegan works on a part-time basis at the yard, she loves the ponies and gets on well with all the visitors to Gul. 


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Senior Volunteers

Dr William Grummitt, MBBS MRCGP DRCOG DipOccMed. Senior Volunteer. Dr Bill has worked alongside his wife Celia since the beginning of Gul. Previously in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), Bill later became a GP with interests in occupational medicine and prison health. Within Gul he is the one to ask about all things DIY, from plumbing to vehicles. 

Dr Bill is also the part owner of a 32-foot sailing boat and is offering this to Gul, on occasion, for groups. In his spare time Dr Bill is also a Mountain Leader.

Trudy Affleck. Senior Volunteer. Trudy gives her time and experience at Gul. As a qualified Physiotherapist and TTouch© Practitioner Trudy helps us ensure that our beneficiaries, horses and ponies are in the best possible conditions. Periodically we run TTouch workshops at Gul find out more about this HERE

Ruth Freeman, MSc MCSP SRP. Bustard House Mother and Lead Physiotherapist. An experienced physiotherapist, Ruth has an array of talents, all of which are used to full capacity at Gul. She is also the house manager at The Bustard Inn and makes sure that all residents have an enjoyable stay.

AJ Curry. Member of the Equine, Bustard and Health Teams. AJ is a qualified ride leader and leads several sessions for Gul each week. AJ has given her time and efforts for Gul since the beginning and is a central part of the team. AJ is part of the Bustard team and involved in all fundraising activities at Gul.

Owen Grummitt. Senior Volunteer. Owen is the former Deputy Executive Officer of Gul. He is a qualified mountain leader and has a National Diploma in Countryside management and a degree in Environmental Science. His love of the outdoors extends to both conservation and outdoor activities-both of which are evident in his Bushcraft parties and Duke of Edinburgh Award work which he enjoys as much as the group!

Susanne Metcalf. Senior Volunteer. Susanne donates her time to helping the yard team in its day-to-day activities. Her own Horse Merlin is on loan at Gul.

Steph Dobbin. Senior Volunteer. Steph is a member of Plain Church, she assist us in our admin tasks and is also a qualified Day Skipper and is passionate about singing and climbing.

Mark Dobbin. Senior Volunteer. Mark gives his time to events and IT assistance the charity needs he is also a Day Skipper and passionate climber.

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Patrick Curry, OBE CEng MIET MBCS. Chairman of Trustees. Patrick has been with Gul since the beginning. He is ex-Army. Patrick leads the trustees to ensure that Gul runs smoothly and is compliant with Charity Commission rules and other regulations. In addition, he works with Dr Celia to develop new Gul capabilities and raise funds. He is also qualified to instruct sailing and a passionate bee keeper.

Jennifer Dixon-Clegg. Trustee. Jennifer’s other role as Director of the Fortune Center for Riding Therapy means that she brings great depth of experience to Gul, experience which Jennifer is more than happy to share. 

Reverend Gary Birch. Trustee. Gary is a committed Christian and a serving member of HM Armed Forces, where his role is as a Chaplain. Previous to this he was a Vicar and member of the Armed Forces reserves. Gary ensures that all charity activity has a spiritual grounding.

Eleanor Walters. Trustee. Eleanor is a practicing solicitor based in London, she brings her passion for the law and experience to Gul and is welcomed with open arms.

Carey Rivers. Trustee. Carey is a local Christian with a background in the charitable sector, specifically in database management and marketing, she brings her good nature and wisdom to the board.

Plain Church Member. Trustee. On rotation a member of Plain Church sits with the board of trustees, as a key part of the reason why Gul was founded their input to Gul's continuing governance is essential.


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Sylvia Ormiston. Ambassador. God Unlimited's first Ambassador, Sylvia Ormiston, Head of the Balmoral stud, is passionate about the ponies – a passion she shares with the Queen herself. Ever since Queen Victoria bought Balmoral in 1852, the estate has kept an unbroken line of Highlands – and our current monarch has been instrumental in promoting and preserving this rare native breed. For Sylvia, keeping Her Majesty’s ponies happy and healthy isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life, A long time supporter of Gul Sylvia has been key to providing us with several members of our team including our two of our current ponies, McDuff and now our latest addition, Curlew. Now a part of the Gul family Sylvia's role will be to continue her support of Gul and to take advantage of any and all opportunities to sing our praises to those in the highlands.

Thank you Sylvia.

Donna Harris. Ambassador. Donna joined the Gul family in 2015 after becoming interested in Gul because of her daughter, who is also a volunteer at the Charity, as a result Donna is well aware of the benefits that Gul can offer to families and is willing and able to sing our praises to anyone who will listen with genuine enthusiasm. In her day job Donna is a youth social worker and social media fanatic, making her a perfect fit and able to help Gul in several areas. From promotion through to programming advice, Donna gives her time for free and we are very grateful indeed. 

Thank you Donna. 

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