The Gul River-Yard Project

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Back in 2009 when Gul began its journey at Riverside we had 6 ponies and helped to provide around 1000 hours of therapy each year. in the year just gone we were the proud carers of 16 ponies and our staff helped to provide over 10,000 hours of therapy in a year.

The incredible growth led to us at the beginning of 2015 planning to expand our current (Meadow) yard to allow us to continue to grow. and last weekend (January 9-10th) we were please to be able to open the new (River) yard to the public.

With 3 new stables, each with a window to allow the ponies to see each other plus a feed room Gul is now well set for the next chapter.



The upgrades to Riverside did not just start with Meadow yard, that is just part of a much bigger plan to upgrade and improve our entire site. In the end we will have,

. Improved the entrance, upgraded the signage and the notice boards

.Levelled and gravelled our entire driveway to allow safer cleaner entry to the yard and less damage from mini buses.

.Replaced all our fencing around the front paddock

.Added a flushing toilet!!! (this may not sound like it but it is a very big deal to us!) .

Constructed Meadow yard, including a covered walkway to allow staff and beneficiaries to keep dry.

Installing the septic tank for the toilet

the toilet grand opening


the work party for finishing the Stable yard!


.Added disabled parking and added more standard parking

.Built a new kitchen/ therapy room

.Enclosed the whole lot in a facade which will tie the whole structure together.

.Constructed and upgraded new paths through our woodland which will become a sensory trail and outdoor learning area.

and finally.... added solar lighting to power the new lighting at the yard which will extend our winter opening hours..


... Phew!

well we are about 30% of the way there at the moment but are making progress all the time... you can check on progress here

the work party from Aviva who helped us lay a new surface on our arena!

the Guys from the signals who helped us install the toilet drainage!

hardcore and bases laid for the car park!

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